In recent times the media has become a veritable tool in God’s hands for the dissemination of the gospel. Thus, our divine commission to preach the gospel to all nations can now be achieved in a greater dimension.  The message of Salvation and redemption can now reach millions who can see, hear and feel the power of God at the same time.  Beyond this, the media offers maximum opportunity for Christians to influence others for God’s Kingdom by spreading the values and message of Christ through the radio and television.  Hence, it is now important for Christians to give serious consideration for the ruling of the airwaves for the cause of Chris


Freedom Across the Airwaves Network (FAAN) is an arm of Christ Global Network (CGN), and it is a  God’s given vision for the promotion of Kingdom causes through the media.  Though FAAN is an offshoot of the RhemaChristian Ministries International, it offers a non denominational forum for the promotion and propagation of the values and messages of Christ.

The whole essence of FAAN is to pe pervade the AIRWAVES with the message of true freedom as offered by Jesus Christ the Lord.


The mission of FAAN is to reach both the saved and unsaved with the power and triumph in the Word of God.  FAAN’s objectives are basically to proclaim and establish God’s dominion over all regions of life and thus establish true liberty and peace in the lives of people.

It is borne out of a burden for the salvation of sinners, freedom for the oppressed, healing for the sick and succor for the broken hearted.  FAAN aims to provide maximum opportunity for as many people as possible to have access to Christ’s message of liberation and also create an avenue for Christians to influence the world with the values of christianity.


FAAN is presently producing and sponsoring a 30 minutes telecast on Lagos (LTV-8) Nigeria, and DSTV Satellite Channel 129. The package, tagged Freedom Across the Airwaves, consists of powerful evangelical messages by the anointed servant of God, Bishop Taiwo Akinola.

The general focus is salvation of souls, deliverance and the general edification of the body of Christ. It comes on air at prime time, 4.35 p.m. on Saturdays.

This programme has touched the lives of thousands of viewers, particularly, from the South Western Zone of Nigeria. Telephone calls from various locations: Abuja, Sagamu, Abeokuta, Benin, Ibadan etc confirm the reach of God’s power through the programme. And, testimonies of miraculous healings, spiritual re-awakening, marriage healings etc also abound. To God be all the glory. Amen.

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The Freedom Across the Airwaves has been of great blessings to the lives of many.  The hand of God upon it has been constantly proved by the indelible marks of God’s power resulting in salvation, healing, diverse miracles, signs and wonders. People keep phoning from far and near testifying of the impact of the programme in their lives, homes and businesses.We have received testimonies of healing of insanity, migraine, chronic backaches etc. Someone also reported that he contacted an unusual anointing with which he raised the dead through the broadcast.  Some homes at the very brink of breaking up got fully restored and happy after watching the programme. Some who were depressed have called to testify that they received joy, encouragement and hope. Many under the bondage of sin also have received salvation and deliverance and have been referred to good churches in their areas where they are joyfully serving the Lord. 


In addition to the telecast, the FAAN intends to air a Radio Programme tagged  Freedom Express on a popular Radio Station. The programme is to include teachings, interviews with ministers and Christian music.  It is aimed at presenting Biblical principles and values to a world that is in need of timely freedom but is too blinded to seek Christ.


FAAN, like every divine assignment, is supported by the faithfulness, commitment and dedication of Christians, fondly called FREEDOM SPONSORS - who prayerfully contribute their finances and talents to bring glory to God. FAAAN TASKFORCE is a non denominational body which serves as covenant partners with the network. These people meet once a month to discuss the issues of finance and management of the network and to receive prayerful impartation for breakthroughs in their lives, homes and business.

Impartation services for these partners hold 4 p.m. 3rd Sunday of every month.To further the cause of the network, supportive members are still requested to strengthen our hands through generous donations. You too can join to sponsor liberty in the life of someone today. Membership is open to all people who believe that the supremacy of Christ can be further achieved through the airwaves. Members are expected to make financial contribution towards the programme on a monthly basis. However, those who prefer once-a- while donations are also welcome.

The benefits to our partnership include receiving updates of the move of God as well as being included in the list of men and women that are covered by intercessory prayers of Rhema Christian Ministries and the Christ Global Network (CGN). meanwhile, Church Staff and Volunteer Workers gather together on weekly basis to pray for both the viewers and the Freedom Pillars who sponsor the program world-wide.


These programmes are also available for corporate sponsorship. Advert on products, services and programme of such compatible corporate organizations can also be aired on the Freedom Across the Airwaves telecast. The network presently offers a flat rate of N100,000 per quarter of 13 weeks or N10,000.00 per slot.



Bishop Taiwo Akinola is an Evangelist and a Teacher anointed for signs and wonders.  He is a tool in God’s hand to reach both the saved and unsaved. He is the President and Founder of Rhema Christian Ministries.Called by God to establish the reign of the Lord Jesus Christ and to perfect the saints in this end time, his ministry has been marked with countless evidences of the power of God in peoples’ lives.  He is the author of many inspiring Christian books.An Electrical Engineer by profession, he has lectured in Polytechnics for many years before being called into the ministry. Bishop Taiwo Akinola is happily married to Ireti and they are blessed with four children. 


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