Broader Aims & Objectives

The aims and purposes of RHEMA can be broadly stated as follows:-
  • To preach and propagate the glorious and the everlasting gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as well as to educate and to reform people through the Holy Spirit as presented in the Holy Bible in all parts of Nigeria and the whole world at large.
  •  To sanctify a spiritual atmosphere of praise and worship unto the Lord to promote a suitable Biblical atmosphere for the exercise of spiritual authority over satan, sin, sickness, poverty, curse, oppression, death and such vices.
  • To operate bible welfare plan for full members through prayers and material assistance where necessary as well as engage in benevolence services.
  •  To establish and accept churches and christian religious organisations for the furtherance of the gospel wherever converts are made or wherever a call arises for such.
  • To establish institutes to train ministers and church workers for the furtherance of gospel work within and outside the country.
  • To own, hold, develop, maintain, operate, lease, sell, exchange, dispose of or manage or deal with or otherwise acquire lands, buildings, investments and property of any kind movable or immovable or interest in the same and situated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria or elsewhere for or in connection with or to further the aims and objectives of RHEMA.
  • To acquire by gift, donations or bequest real and or personal property for the use and benefit of RHEMA in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and elsewhere with full power to use, sell and dispose of property and convert same into cash securities or other classes of property for the use and benefit of RHEMA.
  • To engage in community and social development programmes and scholarship schemes.
  • To establish operate and maintain prayer camps, schools, and mission centres  for the furtherance of these objectives.
  • To produce, publish and freely distribute or sell religious literature in form of tracts, books and magazines which are compatible with these aims and objectives.
  • To co-operate with other church organisations with similar objectives within and outside Nigeria with the intent of contributing to the building of the body of Christ and towards the achievement of these stated objectives of RHEMA.
  • To carry out any and all such other incidental acts (e.g. organising convention, teachings- meetings, crusades) for the attainment of any of the objectives herein specified provided they are conducive and consistent with the Holy Bible and those outlined objective.
  • To make disciples for Jesus Christ among all nations of the earth beginning from this nation by preaching and promoting peace, love and progress among the generality of humanity with the aim of making the world a better place to live in.
  • Nothing in these stated objectives shall in any way limit or restrict the term of the revelation of the word of God as contained in the Holy Bible but the terms specified in the word of God as well as a release of the Holy Ghost shall be regarded as the unlimited objectives of RHEMA.

RHEMA WORLD CONVENTION 2022 -32 Days 0 Hours 48 Minutes 2 Seconds
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