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The scripture clearly states “where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Pr.29:18).

On this backdrop, the Lord graciously called and anointed Bishop Taiwo Akinola and he also, in turn, chose to obey the heavenly vision. This elaborate vision incloses not only an unveiling of God’s matchless plan for his personal life but also details God’s plan for a multitude of people all over the world who have been foreordained to be partakers of the heavenly vision-plan.

The marching order which God attached to the call led this servant of God to start Rhema Christian Church & Tower with present headquarters in Sango Otta, Lagos Nigeria.

And for close to two decades now, this world-wide ministry has affected several thousands of souls across the globe.


  • It has been our privilege and honor to spread the good-news of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ round the world since the inauguration of this ministry on the 2nd of November, 1991.  This we have done with outstanding results through preaching and teaching of the Word of God.
  • Our mission mandate from heaven is crystal clear and unambiguous: “raise with me a glorious assembly of Jesus’ people”.
  • The Lord assured us with these words: “in this place will I give peace”.
  • Rhema Christian Ministries is not a set-up of man, but called up by Godand mandated to preach the full Message of Triumph: over sin, poverty, oppression, satan, fear, sorrow and death.
  • We are a Great Commission Church poised to raise men of integrityfully equippeddisciplined and battle ready for end-time harvest of souls into God’s Kingdom.


VISION: To love and glorify God passionately and, by the help of the Holy Spirit, to enthrone Jesus Christ in the hearts of very many people the world over. 

MISSION: To raise and nurture glorious assemblies of Jesus’ People through preaching and teaching of the triumphant Word in all nations, to all classes of people and in all generations. 

GOAL/OBJECTIVE: In fervent obedience to our mission mandate until the glorious gospel is fully preached and all peoples and families on earth are touched for Jesus Christ the Lord.

RHEMA WORLD CONVENTION 2022 -21 Days 3 Hours 49 Minutes 44 Seconds
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